A look back at our first two days

10 February, 2020

Launching a business is hard, we understand that, we launched Carmichael Kingham & Co. in September 2018 and the first few days, weeks and months are still very much implanted on our minds!

At this point we’re still in the early stages of our business’ life however I just wanted to take a moment to look back on the journey so far. Before starting Carmichael Kingham & Co. I attended a conference for accounting practitioners and the keynote speaker said something that really resonated with me, it wasn’t long or complicated it was simply ‘record everything’. Record everything because you’ll be so busy running your business, you’ll forget the details and it’s always good to look back. Those two words really struck a chord with me, so I started jotting down anything I thought was relevant. I’ve dipped into my notebook to relive the first two days of starting this business.

The day I left full-time employment my soon to be former colleagues wished me well and voiced their casual jealousy that on Monday morning I’d be sleeping in and doing as I pleased. Little did they know that my mind was only focused on the unfathomably large list of things I had to do before the business was ready to launch. This was Friday. The following Monday (Day 1) was for the most part enjoyable. I woke-up at 5:30am, hit the gym, had a hearty breakfast and strong coffee and began my day. I was keen to be doing my own thing and excited about working on the business. I made a long list of things I needed to do, had a few calls with potential suppliers and felt like I had a lot ahead of me, but I also felt comfortable that I could get it done.

Day 2 was very different. Again, I woke-up at 5:30am hit the gym, had breakfast and a strong coffee and got stuck in. I worked from early in the morning until about 10pm and this was the day it really hit me that I had to wear all the hats. I was the Bookkeeper, Accountant, Head of IT, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Communications Officer, Janitor you name it I was responsible for it. In previous roles if I had an IT issue, I simply went to the IT team and waited for them to fix it. Now, I was responsible for everything and if I had an issue I could be on the phone to Microsoft for hours (who by the way have been absolutely fantastic and impossible to fault). Previously, if I needed help writing or editing a document, I was surrounded by a multitude of people only too willing to give me a hand and show off their skills. Previously if I had a complicated situation, I could ask my line manager for assistance. On Day 2 it became very clear to me that there were many hats to wear and only a couple of heads.

I can now look back at how far we’ve come in a such a short time, it’s still chaotic and there are still lots of hats to wear but it’s getting more manageable. If you’re a business owner and you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day we can help you with one part of that - the bookkeeping and accountancy, please reach out to us if you’d like us to do the heavy lifting on your business’ bookkeeping and accountancy we’re always happy to have a no-obligation free chat.